Established in 2015, TAI ER was originally a small street restaurant passed by word of mouth. When the restaurant was first opened, the owner was so concentrated on preparing food so that he forgot to open the door. He did not even name the restaurant, hence his customers laughed at him for being so silly and absent-minded (“TAI ER” in Chinese). As a result, the optimistic owner just took “TAI ER” as the restaurant’s name.
Chinese cuisine is one of the most important representatives of Chinese culture. Among them, Sichuan cuisine is the most popular Chinese cuisine with many restaurants It is famous for its fresh and mellow taste and its good use of spicy food Unique cooking methods and strong local flavor, which is well known Suancai & Fish, as a classic dish of Sichuan cuisine Because of its sour and pleasant experience It is loved by Chinese young people


The boss was often teased for only being able to cook Suancai & Fish. It was not until he made a table of amazing dishes. Everyone was amazed by his skills. The boss decided to bring out these legendary dishes with innovation and make the traditional flavors last forever. Thus was born the Tai Er legend.
Comic Theme Store
TAI ER's Anime Store is a breakthrough made by TAI ER, which has brought the "grocery store" of the anime world into reality. Customers can enjoy fish and experience the anime world in an immersive way. The grocery store is also full of surprises that waiting for you to explore.
Super Fan Store
Shen Yu is a big fan of TAI ER. As a flight attendant, she flied to any city that has TAI ER, except her hometown Taiyuan. When TAI ER found out, it opened a super fan store in Taiyuan immediately. On the opening day, the whole store was gift-wrapped, waited for her to unwrap.